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  • Japan Kyoto


    “Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.” "One chance in a lifetime, therefore each moment should be treated with the utmost sincerity." (by Japanese proverb from Zen Buddhism)

  • Japan Autumn


    Serenity of mind becoming a person who is identified with the clouds in the sky and the stream on the river. Just let yourself go with the flow and rhythm with nature.  (by Chinese proverb)

  • Cherry Blossoms


    "A skilled hawk hides its talons" "A wise man keeps some of his talents in reserve and shouldn't show off." (By Japanese proverb)

  • Japanese temple


    "A frog in a well does not know the great sea." We are satisfied to judge things by our own narrow experience, never knowing of the wide world outside. The point is to being like a child, open up to new ideas and broaden our horizons with curiosity. (by Japanese proverb)



  • Meditation

    Calligraphy, Breathwork

    In our hectic lives we often forget that we get stressed and even can´t identify ourself for burnout. How do you meditate by ourself in our daily routine? Let me introduce my Japanese meditation...

  • Giving

    Just a piece of paper..

    Are you looking for a nice present for someone who is close to you? Regardless of whether we have money to buy tons of gifts or not, I much prefer to take time to make simple gifts from my heart.

  • Culinary

    Japanese Cuisine

    What do you want to know about Japanese culture? Language, customs and etiquette..? Firstly I would like to show you traditional japanese cuisine using seasonal ingridients which you can even buy in a normal supermarket.


One of my biggest challenges that I am currently facing is how to raise my son with Japanese influence in Germany. As a Japanese woman who lives far away from her hometown in Tokyo must be more challenging than any other mothers whose parents and family are often nearby. But at the same time I take it as my lifelong challenge and as a great opportunity for my son to get influenced by multicultual environment in Germany.

This is one of the reasons I have started my social and cultual activities, especially focusing on German-Japanese relations.