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Furoshiki Seminar in Tokyo - Reusable gift wrapping style -

Furoshiki is a traditional wrapping cloth, other similar folding techniques like Origami. Japanese are used to wrap and carry things with a plain square cloth before a plastic shopping bag started developing in our daily life.

Nowadays Furoshiki has seen a renewed interest and popular as an Eco-friendly product, especially among Japanese women. They are available in variety of material such as cotton, silk, rayon, satin and nylon…and in various colors, designs and pattern for various purposes. The square cloth will be like a special gift for your friends which might be reused for their next gifts.

 “Simple, healthy and environmentally friendly life style”


This is one of my mottos in my life. In Kyoto there is a Japanese traditional textile company which has been producing Furoshiki for more than 100 years.

Last time I visited the collection at the Gallery in Tokyo and saw the historical Furoshiki of the 16th century and learned some gifts wrapping ideas.

In the near future I would like to introduce its culture to my friends in Germany…