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Japanese Cooking Course at Home

What a nice international japanese cooking course it was...!! The members are American, Britisch, Chinese German and Japanese...who are all a big Japanese fan of meals and culture. Also my son, Arthur-Takumi was joining us and learning the basic Japanese table manners...Oh...he even saw a whole step to pour warm sake (a Japanese rice wine) into a ceramic flask!

Today´s Japanese cuisine was a typical menu"Sushi" which is already popular in Germany, but what I arranged was a bit different than typical Sushi in restaurant.

Oshi-Sushi is a type of sushi that you press into a small box. Firstly you put smoked thin sliced samon on the bottom of the box and compressed the rice on top. We had a lot of fun to press the sushi intensively... Some members were mading a rolling Sushi and the others were trying to a sushi-set of a variety of fish.

Let´s enjoy a Japanese cuisine with us! "Itadaki-masu!" (Guten Apetit!)                                                                                  

oshizushi   rolling sushi