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17 Jun

Japanese Film Festival in Frankfurt

The Japanese Film Festival Nippon Connection takes place every year in Frankfurt for a week, May-June and introduces Japanese films and culture in numerous workshops, lectures and other events. I attended the opening party with my colleagues since the company I currently work for is a sponsor of this festival. Most of the films have not yet been introduced in Europe but they are worth seeing in order to appreciate different cultural aspects.

06 Jun

Japanese Child Group in Frankfurt

Me and my son attended a Japanese play group for children with parents in Frankfurt. In this group we actively learn a variety of topics such as arts and crafts. This time our teacher was an architect who taught us how nature can inspire new design principles and methods.

14 May

Japanese Cherry Blossom Party in Garden / Crumstadt

In Japan cherry blossoms (Sakura) normally begin blooming in March and reach their peak in April in Tokyo region. The country is filled with beautiful cherry blossoms in spring. Coincidentally I found similar type of tree in my garden. Every spring I enjoy sitting under the tree and think of my home country...This year I organized a traditional Japanese "Hanami" (Flower viewing and picnicking under a blooming sakura) in my Garden at the beginning of May.

25 Mar

"Discussion-circle"-Japanisch-Deutsche Gesellschaft in Tokyo

In Tokyo there is a "Japanisch-Deutsche Gesellschaft" which offers a variety of programs and events such as a cross-culture seminar, a Japanese tour and a regular meeting by a study group etc., Japan and Germany have more than 150 years of diplomatic relations and still keep closely working together in various fields.

14 Mar

Furoshiki Seminar in Tokyo - Reusable gift wrapping style -

Furoshiki is a traditional wrapping cloth, other similar folding techniques like Origami. Japanese are used to wrap and carry things with a plain square cloth before a plastic shopping bag started developing in our daily life. Nowadays Furoshiki has seen a renewed interest and popular as an Eco-friendly product, especially among Japanese women. They are available in variety of material such as cotton, silk, rayon, satin and nylon…and in various colors, designs and pattern for various purposes. The square cloth will be like a special gift for your friends which might be reused for their next gifts.

10 Mar

Japan Tours - small-group guided tours

This is a picture that I took in my last visit of Japan in 2009. The Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden is one of my favorite gardens beside stone gardens. This year I flew over to Japan for three weeks. Coincidentally one of my British friends visited also Japan at the same time and I showed him a part of Tokyo. You are always welcome to come visit my home country and pleasure to make a small tour whenever I have time. Just let me know in advance!

02 Feb

Make Fresh-Baked Bread at Home

In Japan bread is called "Pan" whose name (pào) comes from Portugal together with Christian missions in the 16th Century. Japanese often eat bread as snacks since rice has been the most important food in Japanese cuisine, so that the bread was firstly developed as a side meal. Today´s bread is "An-pan" with a sweet bean paste and strawberry.

25 Jan

Snowing Garden - Japanese Green Tea at Home

Why don´t you have a green tee at home on a cold and snowy day? Do you drink green tea regularly? Have you noticed any health benefits? Don´t be depressed such a dark winter time. Let´s enjoy a cup of green tee in a warm atomosphere at home!

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