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06 Jun

Japanese Child Group in Frankfurt

Me and my son attended a Japanese play group for children with parents in Frankfurt. In this group we actively learn a variety of topics such as arts and crafts. This time our teacher was an architect who taught us how nature can inspire new design principles and methods.


How to create things that are lighter, stronger and well balanced from the architect´s point of view. I am also one of them who is fascinated by the biomimicry and geometric beauty in the balance of nature. There is almost no limit to how we create new designs influenced by nature sporadically.

The materials we used today were only milk cartons with scissors. At the end of the day we made a toy called "PataPata" as seen in the picture. In the next class we create an "Icosahedron toy" in which the twenty faces are created by simple wood sticks...

It was a great opportunity to exchange our experiences with other parents raising multilingual children. My son is the youngest child in this class, so that he could not understand the whole concept but at least he was inspired in the nice multicultural atmosphere.