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Calligraphy, Breathwork

In our hectic lives we often forget that we get stressed and even can´t identify ourself for burnout. How do you meditate by ourself in our daily routine? Let me introduce my Japanese meditation...

Japanese calligraphy is seeking spiritual depth and beauty which was influenced by Buddhism „Zen“. The calligraphy traces its original to China and was introduced into Japan in the 8th century.

In my childhood my teacher often said "The result of a work of calligraphy is the mirror of your soul. The brush strokes to be made softly, firmly and strongly show your current emotion state." The personality of the writer and even a lack of self-confidence are reflected on the work.

The brush strokes are flowing smooth just like a river.

To write Zen calligraphy with mastery, one must clear one's mind and let the letters flow out of themselves, not practice and make a tremendous effort. This state of mind was called the mushin (無心"no mind state") by the Japanese philosopher Nishida Kitaro. (by wikipedia)

You´ve trained your mind to focus on just one thing at a time, and then focus on clearing your mind. The good posture and right breathing techniques will help your ability of the writing smoothly.

 Drawing by Masako  

(Pencile drawing "Winter tree" by Masako)