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Just a piece of paper..

Are you looking for a nice present for someone who is close to you? Regardless of whether we have money to buy tons of gifts or not, I much prefer to take time to make simple gifts from my heart.

A big extra gift does not necessarily make us happy. Spending your time for someone who you like and folding a piece of paper to think of him/her is much nicer than anything else...

Nobody thought that one could make such decent flowers using one sheet of paper without using of cuts or glue...??

I am glad to show you a japanese traditional folding paper called "Origami", which has already been recognized as a part of Japanese ceremony by the Heian-period (794-1185) in Japan.

My social activities can be offered from children in kindergarden to elderly people in care homes as well. Usually,the lesson is 2-3 hours for 5-6 people.

  • Origami with children: Developing their imaginations and concentrations. The more frequently using their fingers, the more stimulating nerve endings and increasing brain circulation. Do not limit their possiblities of the physical world.
  • Origami with elderly: Finger exercise and movements can be useful in stimulating the neurons in the brain. The elderly share with each other ideas to fold different type of artworks.

Masako`s paper roses    Masako´s wine wrapping